The Leopard in the Hood

Cat 1 Pic
Leaves rustle as the feline moves
Gliding from step to step
The dew from the grass moistens her fur
As she is swept by the low-lying branches
Golden eyes shine over railings and past gates
Her prey hidden deep in the shadows
She pauses to preen and gaze into the moon
And in her distraction her beauty shines through
Retracing her steps through the alley and street
She finds her way back to her perch
Scanning high and low, looking far and wide
She nestles in the safety of a tree
Yawning and settling into a ball of warmth
The night finds her sleeping though lightly
Suddenly awakened by movement so slight
Otherworldly gifts surely its source
Scampering down to the ground
She pounces and captures her kill
Marching triumphantly home she is queen
And the wildness is at home in her still

©2001-2004 Katrina Hopkins/Messenger

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