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I wrote this little gem as part of my live journal rant on Monday, October 16, 2006. And I thought it memorable enough to share here. Which of course will go full circle when this blog is syndicated back on LJ -- talk about surreal!

Continuing Saga ... - I shared with one of my students recently when she complained that her life was a mess that in my experience..... life is a mess.

It is not simple, straight-forward or neat and tidy. Life is a rat's nest of intertwining consequences, synchronous events and happenstance. Trying to simplify it is wasted energy. All I have ever managed to do, every once in a while, is get a handle on it, and with that handle, I adjust my angle, my perspective and my attitude toward life.

But every once in a blue moon, I find the sweet spot, the portion of the bat that hits em out of the park, the perfect harmonious note that haunts a melody and brings tears to your eyes ... the G-spot of divinity ... and when that happens, man-oh-man, when that happens all bets are off and life, yes life is oh so wonderful.

I can feel a sweet spot comin, just around the corner. And I am getting myself ready for it. Cuz one other thing I know from experience... the more you pay attention to the sweetness, the more sweetness you get. Oh life, it can remain a mess, but when the sweetness comes you can laugh with tears in your eyes and dance with cement surrounding your feet. When life is sweet, it is as if the gods themselves have leaned way down and planted kisses on your eyes and daffodils inside your heart.

And that sweet readers, I do not plan to miss.

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