Chanting in Color

Leaf RedI raised the beads to my lips as I laughed at the grandiosity of it all. Turning round and round, taking in the continuing swirls of colors as my voice spun out of me like a leaf caught in a breeze.

Lifting the green translucent mala up to the sun, I greeted each tree with its own verse. The colors of the fallen leaves mixing within my unfocused eyes with the ones still being offered up to the sun on limbs bending and rocking from the wind. The smells of rotting leaves, moist earth and a hint of pine all mixing with the sounds of leaves rustling and all at once I am dancing.

Leaf Red BrownLifting the mala up again and again, the green jewels mixing with the reds, oranges, yellows and browns. I was grinning like mad woman, and smiling with my heart. It was too cold to sit, so I stood and chanted. And all at once I was moving and spinning and laughing and becoming ensconced in color.

Leaf YellowToday I danced with the trees. We shared secrets and conversed in the secret language of life. Kissing the three coins, I wandered off into serious business of humans. But inside, I will carry the joy of communion. Inside, I will carry the memory of being truly alive.

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