The weather has just been fantastic these last few days -- sunny, cool and bright. I went out with two of the Hard-Ks on Saturday. We strolled around Dupont Circle after a sumptuous lunch at Teaism, complete with dessert buffet!

I love hanging out with these friends. The Hard-Ks are four women who all attended the University of Maryland and received Electrical Engineering degrees. We are called Hard-Ks because all our names, Kit, Carol, Chris and Katrina, begins with the same sound. A schoolteacher friend of ours once complained that we should be called the Hard-Cs, and we just laughed at her. Well, actually, I said something rude, and then we laughed.

Yeah, actually we are well known for our loudness, rudeness and bad behavior in general. “We’ve been kicked out of some of the best places around DC”, is our proud slogan.

But we perform a public service. We invite every technical woman we meet to join us for one of our three to four times a year gatherings. Because, if you are a technical woman, for the most part, you almost never get to talk techie around your normal friends.

The only rule is that for the evening, your name will be pronounced (or rather mispronounced) as if it has a hard-K in front. So Eloise becomes Keloise, and Sally becomes K’sally. And if any men join us, they become our wenches for the night.

So any way, the three of us laughed, confessed and commiserated our way around the circle and back. It was wonderful!

I am truly blessed. Thanks, Chris & Carol, you guys are the best! And I love you both --mean it!

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Chris (not verified) | Wed, 10/24/2007 - 12:19pm

Everyone knows there are 2 K sounds anyway...silent K and hard K. Who pronounces knife kah-nife? :-D


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