Answered Prayers

I shared during one of my workshops recently, how as a child I had prayed almost every night. I mostly prayed for finished homework and chores. I also shared how disappointed I was at what I considered a general lack of response. I thought this meant that the god of the Catholics was uninterested in my heartfelt prayers to escape work and tedium. I ended this story by saying that what I had learned over time was that I had simply been praying to the wrong gods.

I now know who to direct such prayers. And nowadays, my prayers are answered. I do not mean in that universal abstract kind of way either. My prayers are answered concretely and in the here and now.

One of my answered prayers was revealed to me yesterday. I had set November 15th as the go/no decision date for my Descent workshop and as of yesterday, my workshop is a go! Yay!

I had asked for a sign that this was the kind of work I should pursue, and the answer was revealed with a resounding Yes!

And yes, I have enough participants which is wonderful, but more than that, I discovered an error in my tracking spreadsheet that when corrected suddenly made these workshops less risky and overall easier to plan. So in the same day, I received sufficient registrations AND discovered a way to do more of them. Wow!

Some may say that this was simply a revelation of an error I had made, and thus it does not count as divine intervention. And in many ways that is a correct statement. But here is the woo-woo part, as Thorn often refers to situations like this, I have used this exact spreadsheet in many guises for event planning over the last eight years. And in not one of those events, had there been an error of this magnitude or scope. And the fact that I did not notice this particular error till after I made my heartfelt prayer is also significant.

To me, timing is everything. And today I feel remarkably better about my work and the steps I have taken to share it with the community at large.

I guess I could also say, I have learned what to ask for in prayer too. I no longer ask the gods to do the work for me. I ask them instead to guide me in my work, to help me do my work, and more importantly, to reassure me that I am on the right path.

And today, I feel reassured … cuz my prayers have been answered.

Ashe. Amen. Blessed Be!

PS: Also as of today, I will open late registration for Descent. So there is still time to join us for our journey into mystery.

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Reya Mellicker (not verified) | Tue, 11/20/2007 - 9:49am

I believe divine intervention is ongoing, always available, no matter how you address the mysterious ones ("right" gods? "wrong" gods? What's the difference?)

The concept of prayers that are answered is interesting. You used to pray that you wouldn't have to work so hard. Now you pray FOR the hard work. In a sense, your prayers have been consistently answered, i.e., GET TO WORK, YOU!!

It's not the gods that have changed their point of view. Your attitude towards work, though, has definitely shifted.

I salute you!


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