Mid Week Status Report

It started off well, two nights of turkey, oh delicious turkey! What wonder art thou!

But I get ahead of myself. First was the long, long drive down into the darkness of Fredericksburg, Virginia to sing for my dearest Serendipity and her lovely Mother. It was an honor and a privilege. May your Father’s journey through the Summerland be filled with such sweetness and joy. And may the Goddess hold you and your family in her love and mercy. Love, love, love …

Then there was turkey, oh glorious turkey! Thanks to Rose, Nicky, Forest, Pam, Trey & Wayne, I ate heartily on Turkey-Day. Then … there was glorious leftovers on Friday with Ryni, Mary and Sheila. Ooo la la, more turkey! Love, love, love …

Then the ever so sweet and truly adorable Patricia came over and helped me to clean off my altars. And yes, dear .. you are both sweet AND adorable. And oh my goodness, there is a surface under all that schtuff ... who knew? And again ... love, love, love ...

So then … what the hell happened?

Oh, I know … life! Life happened. And I wound up in a funk. On Monday, I attended yet another funeral with beloved friends which reminded me of course to put my travails in perspective. But by Tuesday with the $3K auto repair bill and back into the doldrums I went.

I am still driving the loaner, and that in and of itself is an experience. Keyless driving is truly a mystery to me. And I am not even going to go in to how you have to step on the break to start the car … who designed this … Microsoft?

So anyway, as I sit fuming at nothing and no one in particular, it dawns on me. Everything is actually okay. It could be a whole lot better yes, but whatever it is I am facing could be a whole lot worse too.

So instead of sucking it up and getting back to work, I offered my funk up to the gods.

“Hey! You there! Yeah, you! This bad mood is all yours!”

The gods answer with glee, “Is that all you got? Surely you could be more pissed off!”

I laugh, “Tough! That is what I got, DEAL!”

And the divine responds with such laughter and delight … it almost is enough to lift my mood … almost.

So I look at my pile of Things To Do™, and pick through them for things that strike my fancy. “I will do this and nothing else”, I pronounce to the snoring Calico priestess. And then afterwards, I spend several hours reading the Heroes graphic novels online. Later … out of nowhere, I get an idea of how to add a feature to one of my web sites.

The next day I woke up knowing how to solve a problem that I had struggled with for days last week. Afterwards, I watch cartoons while munching on ice-cold grapes. Yum!

That is how I have spent this funk. I have offered it up to the gods, listened to what calls to me and spent time feeding my rebellious child.

And slowly, my week is lurching forward. I am still in the midst of this downward sweep, but it is livable and the work is proceeding. Tomorrow is Yoga class, some time to learn a new approach to my practice. Learning always excites me.

Then maybe another walk through the park before I pick up my car … and fork over gee-gobs of moola … groan.

And it is okay, because I know that nothing is really wrong – I just feel down. And that distinction is truly a gift. I can stomp my feet, shake my fists in the air and cuss like a sailor knowing that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me … I, Katrina Messenger, am just having a bad day or two … or four.

And oh yeah, love, love, love.

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Angela Raincatcher (not verified) | Thu, 11/29/2007 - 10:53am

Thank you, Teacher, for this perspective.

That's what I ended up doing last night as well -- intoning the names of my gods, creating the circle around me, and asking for real help to get through the bad days.

love love love back at ya


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