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And yet another reason to visit my web site instead of reading me on Live Journal - all of your LJ comments go bye-bye after a few days.

I went to re-read a comment from a few posts back and guess what, it has gone to the great bit bucket in the sky. So my suggestion is to come on over to my web site and leave a comment if you want to make sure I and everyone else will be able to see it in the future.

I moderate comments, because after deleting thousands of spam, I decided it was a good idea. But I post everything that is a real comment in a day or two if I have access to a computer. As soon as I can I will finish testing captchas and remove the comment moderation.

Geez! Always something new to learn in this world! Who knew?!?!?

Captchas are working, so moderation is off for comments!

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