Unexpected Delight

My yoga teacher never fails to surprise me. Today the focus of her meditation was .. you guessed it ... unexpected delights. We then proceeded through some of the hardest poses EVAR! And all through the session, each of us kept having these moments of WOW!

At one point when everyone else was sputtering, I suddenly felt this delicious release in my left hip .. I moaned with delight. Carrie chimed in, "Now there was an unexpected delight!" It made me laugh.

I felt really strong, so I went for another walk in the park, after having walked on Tuesday. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort, the usual in fact. But the walk felt good. Between my aching feet and my throbbing hips, normally I would have skipped the walk. But I walked slowly and focused on each breath -- and I felt okay at the end.

Later, as I purchased easy to prepare foods at Trader Joes, I convinced myself that it was okay since I was having trouble feeding myself due to the funk I am in. As I picked up my groceries from the cart, I suddenly noticed that my knees had not throbbed all morning. Wow! Now THAT was an unexpected delight!

The dealer just called, I can pick up my car in the morning. Yay!

I selected the classes I will teach at Reflections next year from January through June. Now all I have to do is pick the dates. I have selected four classes.

  • Principles of Elemental Psychology
  • Tools of the Warrior
  • Skills for Healers, Teachers & Clergy
  • And my Qabala series

Ivo will teach a class in March and Helena will teach Myth, Masks & Magick: A Mask Making Intensive in May. It looks like a good start to the new year.

I was reminded today just how odd my early registration due dates are in relation to the actual workshop. Next time, I am going to set up early registration discounts and set the actual due dates a lot closer to the event. Live and learn! So Descent registration is officially on till the end of December. And next year I will give early registrants a price break.

And lessee, what else is happening ... oh yeah, it seems I have a lot explaining to do. It seems that many, many people are acting as if Reflections is somehow beneath them. They think we are just like most other magick schools. Well we aren't, and I need to get busy on that FAQ ... and I think I will begin here in my blog to explain the school.

So next time, I will try and tackle some of those misperceptions.


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Del (not verified) | Fri, 11/30/2007 - 12:10am

I will admit, I had a lot of hesitation coming to my first class with you because of the whole concept of "mystery schools". I used to belong to a mystery tradition, but got overwhelmingly frustrated when several of the group's mysteries were things that could be readily found in a Barnes and Nobles New Age section, or implied by anyone with a background in intuitive magic. To me, these are outmoded structures in a day and age where several pagan authors have broken into the mainstream publishing gamut.

I have a general sense that your school is much more than that, but it's still just a concept. I'd love to see more detailed explanation on what your official definition of a 'mystery school' is, and how it applies in a world where the Secrets of the Occult are becoming more and more accessible to the everyman.


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