Ah, Patience

I have more patience now than I have had my entire life, and yet… I find myself tapping my metaphorical foot on more than a few occasions.

“Is it soup yet?”

Am I done yet?


And so I find myself in the midst of several cycles of change at once … ah, such is life.

As we hurtle toward solstice, reminding me of how the once small snowball became a avalanche, I found myself moaning like a wounded animal last Thursday. I sat on the sofa, tucked in a fetal position, tears flowing freely … and moaning.

My cries and whimpers startled the calico who came bounding down the stairs. As she slowly approached me with wide, wide eyes …I suddenly “heard” the word chakra. Chakra? Chakra.

So I checked my chakras, all was fine until … of course my third eye. My third eye has been wonky since the Between the Worlds ritual. Ah, crap!

And as soon as I calmed it down, my energy returned, I could prepare dinner and sit up right. Presto chango! I was cured.

And it has been that way ever since the ritual. Now whenever I start to feel crappy, my chakras are run and rebalanced -- and my third eye is calmed down.

So I call Ivo, as I always do whenever this kind of thing happens, and as usual he says, “…you are changing”, and I reply as usual, “… again?”

I call Thorn and she says all these incredibly intelligent stuff that sounds vaguely familiar, “It is what you told me.” She says matter-of-factly.

My friends, god I love them …but geez!

I am changing. I am *still* changing. My sight is become larger, I can hear more, see more and feel so much more ... and dammit it hurts! So much information, so many people in pain. So many starving for spiritual nurturance … y’ouch!

And oh great, I get to hear them, feel them and experience their pain …sigh.

Patience, huh?

Well. It would be a hell of lot easier if this current change wasn’t happening during the same time as the solstice dip, the preparation for the coming school year, while I am finalizing plans for my upcoming workshop and my usual end of year madness. It is a good thing I do not shop for the holidays till after Christmas.

And so as I sat here sipping tea, watching the little DemonFafa play, I decided to take a little time out before I begin planning my week … to just think about things, about life and about stuff in general … and what occurred to me is this. … That the path of patience begins when you take the time to hang out where you are. And where I am right now, is not too shabby.

So yeah, my sight is getting larger. But I will learn to handle it just like I learned to handle all my previous gifts.

That is how it works for me. It is how I learn and grow. All I have to do is pay attention to the here and now. And slowly over time, this expanded sight will become part of how I walk my path.

It is like riding a bike or driving a car, or even caring for three orphan kittens … it becomes part of who I am … and eventually it will be like breathing. And I can wait for that to happen as long I stay present in the now.

Right here, right now … ah … patience.

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Reya Mellicker (not verified) | Tue, 12/18/2007 - 9:44pm

You can slow the process down any time you want, but ... ahem ... you have to wrap your heart in white light. It really slows things down to a comprehensible speed. Do you have to do every bit of your evoling in this lifetime? Why?


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