Plenty of Nothing

“I got plenty of nothing
And nothing's plenty for me”

That is the song that came to mind as I contemplated what to write. Nothing comes to mind and so I stare at the screen …

It is not that I do not have thoughts, ideas, ruminations and insight … I just cannot think of anything when I sit in front of the computer screen.

So I guess this piece turns into an update of sorts.

The remaining kitten, now named Devi, is currently chewing on my power cord … okay lets put a stop to that. I am apparently a poor substitute for the adopted siblings, since I am constantly saying NO(!) to wrestling with my hands, bare feet, small of my back, etc. I however am an excellent bed, esp the soft part just a few inches below my chin … yeah, my chest is a perfect bed … as long as I sit still, don’t breath or lean forward. Which is a problem if I am trying to read, eat, work on computer or even just stare off into space and breathe. Which of course is exactly what I am trying to do whenever Devi climbs up to my chest, collapses and falls asleep.

I am extremely late sending out the invites to my annual New Year’s dinner. If you were ever invited in the past, you are still invited, email will go out tomorrow – I promise.

Ryni’s incredible Christmas Eve feast was as usual loads of fun. I ate too much, drank too much and I forced everyone to listen to me singing Yule carols. We even got to mutilated the 12 Days of Christmas with glee. Good times!

Tomorrow I go to a early lunch with Reya and on Friday I join my fellow Hard-K’er, Chris for lunch. I definitely need to see my friends more often in 2008.

Early 2008 is turning into a busy, busy time for me. But I am also making some plans to bring some more needed balance into my life, more on this later.

I just want to wish everyone a Blessed Yule, A Merry Chrismahanakwanza and a Happy New Year!

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