Three Black Cats

Today I did something I never thought I do ... again. I rescued three small kittens.

The crying was so loud I thought a kitten was out back. But no, this small black kitten was sitting directly across the street on my neighbor's steps, crying its heart out for mommy.

I put my coat on. I kept asking myself why. Why on earth would I save this one when I had resisted so many times before? Once I stepped outside, I could hear another plaintive cry. Again I was not sure where it was coming from.

So I walked a bit down my alley only to realize that both sets of cries were coming from across the street. Armed with an old handtowel, dressed in pajamas and slippers, I crossed to the first kitten. She tried to run but I caught her mid fall from the concrete steps. Just a little longer than my hand and hissing like nobodies business. I started to walk back when I heard the other cry. I followed it thinking that maybe I could hold two at a time when I found them -- two identical kittens two doors down hiding next to the steps.

There was no way I could hold all three. So I crossed over just as she wiggled out of my hand. She ran for the wall next to my steps and I caught her just as she realized that there was no where to hide. I wrapped her in the towel and went inside. I dumped out a box and placed her inside.

I carried the box back out with me as I crossed over the street again. Setting the box down I approached the two kittens. And just as I reached for them one made a break under the porch and out of my reach. I put the second kitten in with the first. They hissed at each other, then abruptly looked up and hissed at me -- oh good, common cause.

I had to leave the third and bring the first two inside. After loads of hisses and a saucer of milk, at least one was looking at me wide eyed and expectant. I taped the edges the lid so they stood up high enough to keep them inside, and got dressed for my errand.

I was away way longer than I had intended. When I got home my neighbor had just arrived. And along with the young man who lived next to her, we formed a three person tag team to retrieve the last kitten in the darkness. That little kitten was labeled, "Lucky". As I carried her in, she hissed and wiggled till I set her in with what I thought would be the comforting smell of her siblings -- but the box was empty. Yikes!

And the Calico Goddess was not pleased!

Apparently the little munchkins had made their escape. I caught one immediately and placed her in with her frightened sibling. I put in some warm milk and placed each of their small heads above the saucer. The newest arrival had to be coaxed to take a taste - but soon even she caught on and was lapping up with glee.

So now I would have to wait till the other one got hungry. Less than 20 minutes later I could hear a small cry. I followed it till I found a shivering and crying little bundle of fur under the radiator - and thus a joyous reunion ... and of course more milk.

Three little hissing mouths and six little glowing eyes greet me as I check their progress. One watches me from the lit end of the box while the others hide in the shade.

Right now I can hear them playing with one of the Calico discarded toys, while she sits hissing under her breath at my feet. Did I mention who was not pleased?

They cannot stay, right? Sigh.

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