Our Journey Begins

I had hoped to start out this year by sharing some of my goal setting, planning and productivity techniques. I was unable to begin this series of blogs in early January because sometimes life comes at you fast. But I have an opening and it felt ripe and full so here is where I begin.

My yoga teacher has been sharing some Sanskrit teaching each class. A few weeks ago, she shared the first line of a particularly apt tract. The first lines said something akin to, “And now begins the practice of Yoga.” The important point being that every moment was a new opportunity to begin the practice. Every now is another gift, another chance to practice yoga.

I like that idea, a lot.

And so right now, in this moment, I have an opportunity to share my practice with all of you.

How Do You Do All That You Do?

Most folks who get a peek at how I work have been blown away and subsequently have encouraged to me to write more about how I approach productivity. I am constantly refining my tools and techniques, so that at any given moment I am introducing a new idea, dropping a tool or inventing something totally new.

Because I allow my methodologies to evolve over time, I have often tried multiple ways to address the same issue, coming closer to a real solution each time I revisit it.

I have favorite authors, tools and methods that I return to time and time again. Some of them are well known like Covey, the Hipster PDA and Getting Things Done. Some tools are conventional like index cards, moleskin notebooks and a file drawer. Still others techniques are ancient like meditation, shamanic journeying and dream work. I also am almost constantly on the look out for how others in my situation approach these issues, some favorites include David Seah, Merlin Mann and countless others.

So this blog is the beginning of what I hope to be a regular series. Over the next week or so, I will share my process and plans for the year, then each month I will post updates in each area. I hope this helps me with my process and maybe helps others with theirs as well.

And now our journey begins ...

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