And you know it

Y’know what? Some things just make me happy.

I realized this pretty obvious fact this morning as I sipped tea after my yoga practice.

I felt happy. Which is kind of odd since I am in the middle of crunch time for my upcoming workshop. And my list of things to do kind of stretches into the foreseeable future and beyond.

But the feeling was real, so I went with it.

I started making lists of things that make me happy.

Le Madeline’s’ lemon tart makes me happy. Not so much sweet as … lemony. It is very satisfying at so many levels. But the key lime one from Whole Foods is a good stand in when I am rushed for time.

To be truthful, the main thing that makes me happy is great sex, but I haven’t had any since my stalker ex-boyfriend … no more need be said about that. (Yikes!)

But after sex and the aforementioned lemon tart, there is of course chocolate. But leaving food for a hot minute, we wander into my happiness with a sunny, crisp fall day. Especially if said sunny and crisp day is spent walking in the park. My current source of this happiness is Sligo Creek Park, but any park with lots of trees, moving water and places to sit will do.

Then comes lime fruit pops on a hot day in the city. And oh yeah, dancing is on the list. Dancing makes me very happy!

A good film, filled with depth and humanity along with something that surprises and/or delights me … makes me oh so happy.

And music, especially dance music. If the bass line makes me wanna get all hot and funky – yeah baby! So of course, Prince makes me v-e-r-y happy!

A real connection with another human being makes me happy. But I also can get there with a room filled to capacity.

I get very happy inside whenever I witness someone having a breakthrough. This is true if they are a close friend or a complete stranger.

My cats make me happy … sometimes …No! Bad Kitty! Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Hot tubs! I just love them! And a great massage makes me happy too.

Come to think of it … I am happy with my life.

Right now, in this here minute, I am so happy!

And I hope you are happy too.

Because, happiness has nothing to do with getting everything right, or having finished all of your chores or even being healthy. Happiness is just some thing that sneaks up on you every once and awhile. And you can miss it if you are not paying attention.

So right now, take a moment and check. Are you happy?

Cuz I am!

Love, love, love …

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