A Quick Update

I am back! I am exhausted! This will be short!

The Descent workshop was fabulous, if I say so myself. The gathered women were wise, willing and wonderful! It continues to humble me that smart people trust me enough to undertake such deep changes within the containers I create. This weekend was no exception.

I held back tears as I led them not only into the underworld, but back up into the warm embrace of welcoming light. Many, many times over the weekend I was reminded of why I do this work. We are literally changing the world, sometimes one heart at a time, other times we have a chance to affect even more. Each one of these women impacts the web of life around them. Priestesses all, as I called them, they will take this work with them as they walk their journey of spirit.

This work also feeds me. Today, I received a bouquet of red roses along with a hearty thank you from one of the women. My heart is so full.

The gods are mighty and I am blessed.


I also received the results of my latest blood tests. It reminds me of a similar moment last fall. I decided to set a goal weight along with my glucose goal. So to find out how far I had to go to meet this new goal weight, I did something I hadn’t done in almost ten years – I weighed myself. And to my surprise, I already was at my goal weight.

Well a similar thing happened with my annual goals for my glucose levels. My current readings are lower then my goal. So okay, apparently my glucose levels are no longer an issue. I just have to keep up with my current practices.

So the focus turns toward my cholesterol levels. My good HDL reading is always very good. But the bad HDL, well … it could be better. So my new goal is to get them below 100. My overall cholesterol level is 257, and I want it at or below 200. I did managed to get it down some from my last test, but we will see what else is possible. My doctor is putting me on Lipitor to see if maybe I need help. But I am also going to see what I can do to help. And so my annual goals are refining and focusing.

This week is my recovery time. And I am spending a great deal of time watching Tivo, Netflix DVDs and general TV. I cannot read just yet, and journaling is out of the question for the moment. So I am taking the time to truly relax.

Snowy blessings to you all.

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