An Update Of Sorts

Long time, no see!

I have yet to write up my summary of week 3 of the Artist’s Way, but suffice it to say that it kicked my butt again. And now that we ended our media fast and reading deprivation, I have even new levels of angst to report. Which is not to belittle my very real pain, just making light of my lack of effort toward writing it up. I think I am still recovering from it all, so my summary will be late – oh poo.

In the mean time, I have finished part two of my search for marketing goals, and that will go up soon. If you are on Live Journal, expect a huge delay. If I have not posted in a while, they lie about when they will check for new stuff on my site. Sometimes things I post mid day don’t arrive till after midnight!

I will confess to going on a binge after my media fast. I wanted so desperately to fill up my head with something other than the big goddam truth I had been living with for almost two weeks. But that is another post … y’know … sometime in the future.

Ahem. So anyway, I am alive. I am in a great deal of physical pain. It almost feels like a CFIDS/Fibro flare, only worse. The massage therapist, if she had been from my hood, would have said “D’AMN!” several times but she was polite and only sighed. At the end she had this look of extreme alarm as she asked what do I do when I am in that kind of pain. And I told her the truth, not much. I eat liquid-gel Advil like candy, drink a lot of water and …pray. I still went for my walk in the park because … dammit I am walking and nobody is gonna stop me! Of course, the last bit had me limping all the way back to the car. Sigh …

I did manage to go to yoga class this morning. It was a hard class … on me … and so true to form, I had everyone laughing. It is how I cope. The massage did actually help, as did the yoga, so typing this is not bringing me to the verge of tears.

What I actually want to do is scream. Not that easy to do in an urban neighborhood where neighbors look out for one another. And at the moment, I am not interested in explaining it all to my frightened and concerned neighbors. Maybe later I will drive on the beltway and scream in the darkness – always does the trick.

L’il Devi just woke up and is struggling to find purchase sitting on my collar bone blocking my sight – so I will close.

Spring time blessings to you all,

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