She's Baaack!

I am still recuperating from my working vacation. As I shared earlier, I had a lot of fun in New Hampshire with Claudia, Chelidon, Kelly, Paul and Forest. I also got to hang out a little bit with Angelica too, but I had to leave midway for the second half of my trip.

In the second half I visited the Assisi Institute for an intensive on Archetypal Pattern Analysis. I met such wonderful people including the school's founder Dr. Michael Conforti. He gave me some ideas on how to grow Reflections Mystery School. His faculty are such giants in their respective fields, I admired how he surrounded himself with stars, never fearing being eclipsed by them or his students. He reveled in the contributions of all within his constellation. A wonderful role model, a deep visionary and on top of it all, a very funny guy. Yeah, I guess you could call me a fan.

But it goes deeper than that, Dr. Conforti et al are on a mission to study what they call the Objective Psyche, the intersection between Spirit and Matter -- Universal Archetypes. They have amassed a good deal of evidence to support their conclusions from mathematics, physics, systems theory, mythology, sociology, archeology, organizational dynamics and yes, psychology. I think they are on to something.

They offer a two year program for certification as an Archetypal Pattern Analyst. I am considering joining their program. For one thing, they are an order of magnitude cheaper then Pacifica, and they are on the East coast. We will see how this develops.

I also managed to get several more sponsors for my Teddy Bear Knitting. Check out my web site for my handy "Bear-o-meter!" (patent pending)

I came home to a whole heaping pile of things to do ... including

  • Preparing to teach my first Cherry Hill Seminary course -- Dynamics of Group Leadership.
  • Opening registration for my upcoming workshop, Answering the Call.
  • A looming due date for a huge new Amber Eyes web site design.
  • Fixing the Connect DC web site upgrade (again) and
  • Planning for the next 18 months.

So today, though I am still moving a little slow, as of now ... I am officially back to work.

Be very very afraid ...

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