ERA: The Time Is Now

With all of these disheartening results coming in from the proposition fights, I think the time is ripe to revive our fight for the Equal Rights Amendment. Only a change at the federal level can turn back these horrendous laws. Fighting state by state to stop and/or overturn these initiatives is an energy and money drainer that returns every two to four years.

And this time we need to stop it from being crippled by limiting timetables. We have the next four (some say eight) years to move it through congress and into the states. There are states that have already passed it so we can build on the wins of this campaign and quickly move our energies toward the states needed for ratitification.

I believe same sex marriage and the right of GLBT folks to adopt can be insured by the adoption of the ERA. I am willing to listen if someone can prove to me that I am wrong in my analysis.

Let’s do it right this time. Yes we can!

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Jonathan Korman (not verified) | Wed, 11/05/2008 - 4:43pm

I'm troubled, though, to see the same canards that were used against the ERA back in the day deployed in favour of Prop 8 out here in California. It suggests that those arguments still have traction, and could be used against the ERA all over again.

My own amendment fantasy is similar: I'd like to see a move for an amendment explicitly guaranteeing a right to privacy, creating a solid legal ground for Roe and countless other vulnerable legal decisions.


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