The Whole World is Watching

So I voted today. There were two people ahead of me in the D - H line. As I waited, I watched as a Latino couple went from being completely upset to reassured as there name was finally found on the rolls. It seems they initially waited in the wrong line. The confusion was due to differing interpretations of what was the first letter of their last name. A Latino poll worker calmly figured it out, and peace was restored. And then just as quickly I was first in line, signed my name, received my ballot and was ushered to my booth. It took less than 10 minutes from the moment I entered till I retraced my steps back out. Kind of anti-climatic in many ways. Besides, my hometown always votes correctly, IMNSHO.

But reading the news online occasioned some moments of sheer wonder. The first is an amusing story from yesterday's Washington Post. I laughed out loud at the last line, but read it all the way through to get the joke.

The second was a photo essay of how the election is being covered around the world. The images spoke volumes of how much our vote affects people who have no voice in the process.

Ishtar asked me if it felt momentous when I cast my vote. I said no. The big moment comes tonight, where I am pretty sure folks all over this chocolate city will be partying like a mofo! And then and only then will all the emotions of this election rush forward and fill my heart.

Maybe I will buy some champagne on the way home from the vet. But right now, I am filled with guarded optimism. My hopes and dreams have been crushed all too often in national elections. I am waiting till the fat lady sings.

And this is one fat lady who keeping her trap shut till the voting is done.

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