A Mystic Checks In

It is a whirlwind of a beginning, this year of 2009. Starting off with my 19th New Years Day family dinner of collards, black-eyed peas and ham, followed by the start of our fifth year at Reflections and a spiritual retreat of amazing depth and beauty. Returning home to tumultuous change and painful epiphanies. Then on to teaching about polishing the jewel of our very own soul and sweeping the city clean right before the landing of Hurricane Obama. Whew!

Slowing down to catch my breath, I am reminded of the lessons from late last year. I am taking my time to plan this upcoming year. Waiting for clarity and focus to reveal itself slowly. This much is clear; my focus this year will be writing and teaching. And, oh yeah, I imagine there will be loads more magick and mystery.

Things are changing, more quickly than I imagined only a few weeks ago. I have to catch my breath to just stand still for a hot minute. And yet, I am being asked to be patient in the midst of this surrounding storm.

Faint shapes move just beyond my line of sight, and squinting I pretend to comprehend a pattern amongst the shifting debris.

All I know is this.

The world has changed … and so have I.

Welcome to the next phase of our collective journey.

And oh yeah, Welcome to Washington, President Obama. May you live long and prosper. May we all do the same … or better.

Blessed Be … Ashe … and Amen!

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