Get Dark Beauty for $10 (or $3!)

Just a quick note to say that I lowered the price of Dark Beauty to match what I sell them for at conferences. I sold them at a higher price to cover shipping costs, but now since I am letting handle the entire process, I can drop the price.

But more importantly, I took a page from Wil Wheaton, and I am now offering a PDF version for $3.

What can I say? It is my first book of poetry and Thorn yelled at me for not bringing them to sell at the Sacred Space Conference.

So consider this my feeble attempt at avoiding the wrath of my baby sis! Ya, I know ... very scary!

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Deborah Bella (not verified) | Thu, 03/12/2009 - 11:53am

Thank you for making a $3 download available. Now that I'm "underemployed", this is a wonderful way to allow me to support your writing, Smooches!


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