My Elemental Mala

I have been reading several mystical texts in addition to True Love. Some are Yoga teachings, one is a Sufi text and still others are of Christian origins. (I will list them another day.) And I have also been working a lot with mantras and malas. Most of the mantras are in Sanskrit but a few are in English. I decided the other day, as my friend Ishtar created a mala as a gift, that I needed to make myself a special mala.

I stopped in my local bead shop with an idea of using the nine chakras colors for each of the 12 rounds, i. e. 9 * 12 = 108. (The seven becomes nine by adding in the white Transpersonal chakra above the head and as Pomegranate Doyle taught me, a black Ancestral chakra below your feet .)

But as I browsed the aisles, another thought came bubbling up from deep within, I had tried on numerous occasions to create a mala based on the chakras. Endless unfinished projects littered my magick cabinet already. So while gently stroking some semi-precious beads, it hit me.

What I really needed was an elemental mala.

So I purchased enough beads to make two malas and home i went the first time, ready to string them in sacred space. After the second visit to purchase an entire spool of wire-- don't ask -- I realized that I wasn't quite sure what pattern to use. So being a card-carrying geek, I pulled up my trusty flow chart program and created pictorial representations of the two candidates. The pattern required was clearly evident on the screen.

So I went to work, returning to the bead store for their help in finishing and to purchase an appropriate "Buddha bead".

So here it is. I love it.

Now all I have to do is to craft an elemental mantra. Hmmmm ... wonder if there is anything in all these Vedic, Sufi and other mystical texts I am reading.

Well for now, I will be satisfied running it through my fingers as I freestyle my devotional prayers. Singing praises to the gods, one bead and one heart beat at a time.


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