Mid June Glimpses

Well that was a long period of silence!

I had meant to post so many times over the last few weeks. But life kept surprising me. And I needed to focus on maintaining my footing as it seemed that the very ground itself kept moving, shimmying and quaking.

So I am surfacing not so much because life has quieted down, but because my need for expression has bubbled up. So I offer a few quick glimpses from my life in the midst of madness, mystery and other oddities.

  • Just as the emotional side effects of the prednisone significantly calmed down, my doctor had me lower the dosage due to the physical side effects. I had not realized that it was the prednisone that was making me sweat profusely and had me up four or more times a night to pee. The latest lab tests are inconclusive, so I now have a referral to see a rheumatologist. It seems that Eridanus and I will continue our game of leapfrog in our respective medical journeys.
  • Apparently my life was not full enough so I have decided to go back to school. I have decided to apply to the Assisi Institute (www.assisiconferences.com) for their certification program in Archetypal Pattern Analysis. It is a two-year program, but my plan is to do it in three years so I can spread out the cost. So on average, I will spend three long weekends a year in Brattleboro, Vermont. Now I have to decide if it was actually a good idea to agree to teach at Cherry Hill this fall. Ai yi yi!
  • I have been feverishly working on the issue of life balance these last few weeks. I have been participating in an experiment with one of my favorite bloggers, David Seah (http://davidseah.com). David with the help of his avid readers had been trying to find ways to model, track and maintain balance between various aspects of our lives. I was happily building little balance bots, butterflies and grids as I joined in the fun. I have come to the conclusion that what I needed was not a balance between work and life, or between creativity and conversation – what I needed was a balance between self-nurturance and giving to the world. I want to write more about this topic, so look for some ranting on this in the near future.
  • I have been slowly reading a wonderfully dense book called Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill. It has been slow going partly because of the prednisone but also, Underhill packs a lot of punch into every sentence and paragraph. I also want to write more about this topic too.
  • I have restarted my (almost) daily yoga practice and weekly walking. Last week, since I was missing my yoga class, I upped my practice to six sun salutations instead of the regular three. It was glorious! Apparently the first three were more like a good warm up. And going past them produced such an incredible rush of endorphins. I could feel it because of how the prednisone allowed me to feel how my muscles responded to each pose. Now I do six salutations daily and as a result I have improved several muscular skeletal issues with my shoulders and hips! Even Dr Z , my (Romulan) chiropractor, was impressed. Yay me!
  • I have hit a major snag with the editing of my book. No big deal, I just have to print out another copy because my first reader misplaced hers -- y’know, the one with all her edits and feedback …sigh. Hopefully, I will finish the edit phase real soon. I promise there will be more updates about my book progress as warranted.

And that is it for now. I will try not to wait so long to post here. Although I have been writing, it has been almost entirely in my paper journal or on someone else’s web site.

I definitely want to write more blog posts. I have a lot of ideas, musings and experiences I want share. After all, writing is one of the ways I make sense of life, the universe and everything. So you can expect more wild-eyed rants from this crazed mystic.

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