45 Master Characters

cover of 45 Master Charactersauthor: Victoria Schmidt
ASIN or ISBN-10: 1582975221
binding: Paperback
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Every novelist, screenwriter and oral storyteller faces the challenge of creating original and exciting characters. Archetypes--mythic, cross-cultural models from which all characters originate--provide a solid foundation upon which to fashion new and vastly different story people. 45 Master Characters explores the most common male and female archetypes, provides instructions for using them to create your own original characters, and gives examples of how other authors have brought such archetypes to life in novels, film and television. Worksheets are then included for writers to develop and map the lives of their own characters. Excellent companion to the works of Joseph Campbell The first and only book focusing heavily on the heroine's journey Includes 45 black & white movie stills and line art depicting classic examples of each archetype Victoria Schmidt is a screenwriter for film and television. A graduate of the film programs at UCLA and NYU, she holds a Masters degree in screenwriting from Loyola Marymount. She lives and writes in Los Angeles.

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