A Study in Diversity

Sojourner Truth Congregation: A Study in Diversity
Originally Published in the Reclaiming Quarterly #75, Summer 1999

My First Visit

"The Sojourner Truth Congregation (STC) of Unitarian Universalists of Washington DC", read the announcement for the November 1991 service on Sojourner Truth. I had been receiving the mailings for several months as a result of meeting the minister while working in coalition with a local peace group. This was a service that could not be missed I mused, so my first visit to STC was to hear about Sojourner Truth the woman. But what I remember most was Sojourner Truth, the congregation.

The congregation that had been formed in the mid 80's to be an intentionally racially diverse congregation was full of surprises. The services were vibrant, inclusive, non-dogmatic (no shouts of "Jesus" pierced the air) and the music was incredible. The people were warm, funny, socially active, politically aware and completely committed to the fight for social, economic and racial justice. I had found a home.

As I had shared later during one of my services, at STC I get mirrored back to me all the beauty I have inside in all the ways it is denied in my regular life.

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