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Through the Lens

Blurred Lens
Apparently I am having a teachable moment. All kinds of things are revealing themselves to me.

Recently I was thinking about how in my early years as a witch and priestess, I was often called upon to teach concepts that were difficult for me to verbalize. It has always been hard to teach skills that came naturally to me. I come from a family of psychics and oracles. Our everyday waking life was always full of inexplicable knowing and seeing. It never occurred to me to think psychic phenomenon as anything other than real. I tried, in my first Dark Flame Coven class, to teach visualization. I manage to create an outline, mostly shorthand visual cues. But I had difficulty finding the words to wrap around my experiences as a seer.

So when I was asked years later to co-teach a psychic skills workshop with shamanic artist and psychic extraordinaire Pomegranate Doyle, I was thrilled. Finally I would learn the principles that would help me to explain the abilities that were used within my family so easily. But then Pom fell ill and I had to teach the class alone. I tried mightily to use her lesson plan, and although my students probably did not notice, I often felt lost and adrift.

But on the other hand, frequently people claimed in my presence to see my dead relatives, hear voices of the gods, and interact with beings from other realms. I could see what was there and whom they were interacting with in these “conversations.” But I noticed that none of the teachers or elders would ever call their bluff, so I mimicked their knowing smile and pleasant nod. But inside, I “knew” these people were full of shit.

But now, after all these years of teaching and seeing and mentoring and counseling … I am not sure anymore. Whatever these people are seeing in their dreams, divinations, and visions, it is real to them. And if it is real to them, who am I to say otherwise?

So now I can comfortably explain psychic concepts in general, although I still cannot tell anyone exactly what I do. But with this newfound verbal ability, I now truly get why those teachers of old simply nodded and smiled. Everyone sees, everyone foretells and everyone speaks to the gods. It is our level of awareness that can be faulty. And now as I clean my newly acquired bifocals, I understand that even through foggy psychic lenses, we still can see. Learning to discern the shapes, textures, and colors however, may take a lifetime or two. So I too smile and nod.

Yeah, keep looking. Sooner or later, the view will improve. Mine has. I can see now with so much more clarity once that I gave up knowing what was there. And now I can see clear enough to realize that I have no idea what I am looking at. Oh, but the view, it is marvelous!

Gravitational Lens
The image within the looking glass above is a photo of a gravitational lens.

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