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Let’s Go Crazy & Vogue

Let’s Go Crazy & Vogue!

Madonna & Prince

Was thinking again this morning about how the gods need to be
anchored in this realm. And the role played by the temples and offerings made within them to do just that, anchor the gods in time. And how we of the modern era have forgotten, butchered and reviled the old gods. And I was thinking that if I were a god that needed to be anchored into the realm of time and had no temples or offerings, what would Cthulu do?

And it hit me. If I were a god who had no living anchorites, I would find someone who allowed my energy to flow within and from them freely, and I would enter the world through their flesh. And I started to think about how some folks say that Elvis was the Horned or Red God. And how I recognize Dian-y-Glas within Prince. And how Marilyn anchored Aphrodite. And how poor Madonna is anchoring Inanna. Sort of like aspecting, possession or in-dwelling, but without all the appropriate training or support.

And what happens to people who channel the old gods without training or support? Well let’s look at my examples. Elvis went from virile to sloth, and Marilyn died from the weight of the world’s projections. While the incandescent Madonna is at least seeking answers within the mystical. And the beautiful laughing blue god of love, what has happened to Prince? Well, he became a Jehovah Witness. And that is as sad as it gets.

It is the same thing with powerful teachings and rites. The Eleusinian Mysteries anchored the gods of agriculture, Demeter and Persephone/Kore. The mystical cores of Islam, Christianity and Judea anchored the great teachings of the Egypt and North Africa – the cradle of civilization. The Celts anchored the magic of the Fey, the Pacific Islanders anchored the magic of the oceans, while the Buddhists and Vedic traditions anchored the realms of heaven and hell, and indigenous Americans anchored the magic of the animals, trees, plants and the earth itself. Now of course you could come up with your own correspondences, but each land and people were given a portion of the universal to protect, remember and anchor in time.

And what happens when these old rites are ignored, abolished or declared heresies? They pop up elsewhere within human culture and history. Another ancient human tribe ascends into world consciousness to anchor the old gods. After burying their own temples, Europeans discover the Orient. And when Europe casts off their collective shadow and names it Satan, Africa looms large. And when reason begins to overcome imagination, they discover the new world and Native Americans. And when the mechanical universe threatens to dissolve mystery and the occult, up pops visionary scientists like Einstein, Darwin & Jung. Of course, none of this is sequential, and I am pretty sure I do not have it in any kind of order historically.

And what would the corollary be within Africa, the Americas and within Asia? Maybe when the dreamtime overcame the day, Europeans appeared to anchor the rational. Or when the perfection of heaven is held on too tightly, hell rushes in to force a rebalancing. I do not know. I only know that the rational day now overshadows the dreamtime and that we need a reawakening of the mystical back into human culture worldwide. And up pops a resurgence of indigenous spiritual traditions, a flocking to all sorts of fundamentalism, and neo-pagans of all stripes.

Every human tribe has at its root a connection to their portion of the universal human contract – anchor the gods in the world. And as western culture and the gods of Christianity ascend worldwide, the other gods and rites have to seek new connections and portals. Fundamentalist Islam is rising to counter fundamentalist Christianity, but fundamentalism of all sorts is rising as well. Pagans are ascending as well, and we too are literally battling with Christian principles and theology. Even Christianity, from fundamentalists to reformists, is at war with itself. Everywhere, the old order is being challenged and within it all if you look closely we can find the imprints of the old gods.

Funny thing, clumping us together with the fundis, but remember we are all responding to calls from the old gods. Because the old gods, well, they just want to live again. And if we keep killing off their avatars while denying their presence within our very own sflesh, well we are just asking for it on a global scale. So give Madonna a break, let Inanna live a little. We will all be better for the visit. And please, can someone give Prince a copy of the Spiral Dance? Sheesh!

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