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My Other Wing

Neo: “Why are my eyes so sore?”
Morpheus: “Because you’ve never used them before.”


I was thinking this morning about how much pain, constriction and injury is concentrated on the left side of my body. This morning I was using a tennis ball to release trigger points within my left hip and shoulder. The tightness reaches all the way down through my left leg. It is painful work, but the resulting relief is palpable even in my mouth and jaw.

Amongst magical practitioners, we tend to interpret physical symptoms as symbolic of energetic, emotional and mental ailments and blockages. So in addition to treating the physical body, we also trace the ailment back into the subtle body layers, i.e. charkas, auras and such. Our physical selves can provide clues as to where we are harboring calcified thought patterns, frozen emotions and shorted energy flow.

Today I am truly aware of how the restricted range of motion in my left shoulder could be interpreted as a wing that has not fully unfolded.

The left side of the body is usually thought of in traditional or indigenous medicine as associated with the non-rational or holistic side of self. The right side is associated with the rational, sequential self. The front of the body is associated with one’s outer face, one’s ego or conscious self. The rear or back is associated with ones inner or unconscious self. Our feet are associated with our path, where we stand and where we hold our ground. And our hands are associated with what we do, what we create and manifest.

I have long felt that our shoulders and hips also play pivotal roles. I am coming to believe that our hips have to do with our flexibility in the face of change, our ability to adjust ourselves like a tree in a storm. And what of our shoulders? I see our shoulders as the base of our wings. And in order to soar, to imagine, reaching new heights of perspective, openness and flights of fancy, we need strong, unfolded and healthy wings.

As I stretch, massage and strengthen my left shoulder and hip, I am working to also broaden my perspective and reexamine my inner dialogue. I need more space, more openness, more flexibility in the face of chaos, not less.

I decided that it is good that my shoulder and hip are sore, because maybe, just maybe it is because I am finally trying to use them.

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