Third Quarter Progress Report

It is way past time for my quarterly update. Rereading my second quarter progress report was eye opening in many ways. Needless to say, I was highly ambitious plus I left out a lot of important information. I forgot to mention that I was simultaneously planning to teach two local courses, teach a short seminar at the Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day, priestess the Connect DC Samhain and on top of it all pop up to Dover, Delaware to teach a seminar at Bell Book & Candle. Phew! And are my arms tired … rimshot please!

No wonder my butt has been dragging these last few weeks. I have a very full plate. (Please note the way I am understating the problem as a way of pretending it is not as bad as all that.)

So to summarize, in addition to the above, I am also …

Aiiieeee! These last few weeks have been really rough on me at so many levels. So instead of jumping right back into the fire, I decided today was a day for me to not only relax but also to reflect.

[Jumping to the end] And so I just crossed several items off my list of goals for this year. Yay! And the remaining items had to pass several gating factors. First gate: Do I have juice for it or will it give me juice? Second gate: Are they part of My Work or are they a part of my Radical Self Care?

All of the items I have mentioned above passed the first part of each gate. I have juice and they are a part of My Work. What was missing was the latter half of each gate, i.e. gives me juice and Radical Self Care. I reviewed my weekly tracking cards for the last few weeks, and discovered that the reason I felt so bad was not just all the work, but also that I started dropping the very things that would help me feel better not only now but also long term. Hmmm …

So I spent the day mostly sipping tea, journaling and finally just now … laying on my yoga mat and breathing. The few productive items that I managed to do today were all of the two minutes or less variety. And I only had two or maybe three of them all day. Yay me!

I have to admit that this year is really different from previous ones. I have never had so many things on my plate that were all items that reflected my mission and priorities. At the same time, it has been challenging because too much of a good thing is still … well … too much. As I look forward to next year, I will need to keep this in mind. But for right now, I am going to continue to reflect about how to get juice and Radical Self Care back into my life.