Build My Tradition

This is the second of my series on my new long-term goals. Go here to read the first in this series. Last time I covered the first goals under Deepen my Spiritual Journey -- study and practice. This time I will cover the third goal -- build my tradition.

I finally introduced my spiritual tradition in my last post. My goals in this area involve a newfound focus. Prior to this year, my focus had been on building Reflections Mystery School, Connect DC and Dark Flame Coven. But in January, I attended a spiritual retreat that blew my mind and dissolved the blinders I had been wearing. I realized how in every way that mattered, I was focused on the branches and disregarding the tree. So when I returned, I did some frankly painful truth telling and turned my entire world upside down. Since then I have been focused on building the Order of the Elemental Mysteries. I had already turned over the administration of Reflections to Angela Raincatcher. But in January, I also took a very painful step and resigned as Dark Flameā€™s High Priestess.

This was huge for me, but necessary! So I began this year with some pretty major upheavals. This meant that I had to re-look at everything all over again, which ultimately produced these new long-term goals.

Most new traditions are revealed only after a group has been working together for a while and at some point discover the unique tapestry they have woven together. While others begin as hives from more established traditions. And here I was deciding to build a tradition from scratch, the sheer arrogance of it all paralyzed me initially, which is why I was so focused on the school, ritual group and my beloved coven. Now I was forced to face my trepidations and begin the work of building the tradition separate from the school and ritual group.

My goals in this area include our incorporation as a church, the manifestation of our motherhouse and temple, and extending Connect DC to cover all eight Sabbaths. All are moving forward except extending our public ritual observances. With me starting school this fall, I have decided to hold off adding the three remaining rituals all at once. We may add Beltane in 2011, with Lamas & Imbolc held off until maybe 2012.

At present, the plan is to continue subdividing the work amongst the core group. I hope to be able to make some exciting announcements in early 2010.

This change in focus has been challenging. I have had to face some of my personal demons concerning inclusiveness versus singular vision, directed versus open processes, and perfectionism versus real world limits. I am learning what is truly important and what is illusion. I hope to keep folks updated as to our progress.