Book of Hours: Prayers to the God

cover of Book of Hours: Prayers to the Godauthor: Galen Gillotte
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0738702609
binding: Hardcover
list price: $16.95 USD
amazon price: $16.95

Embrace the God He is the Lord of the Wild, the Great Father, the Divine Son, the Beloved Consort . . . the God is the masculine principle of the universe. In order to seek and find balance in our lives, we must first find it in our spirituality. Balance exists with the Goddess and the God—both are necessary, for with the balance created by their cosmic union comes wholeness and holiness. Book of Hours: Prayers to the God is a companion to Book of Hours: Prayers to the Goddess. The two can be used together, or this book can stand alone if you prefer to focus on the God in your devotional practice. It is ideal for solitary practitioners who prefer the ritual of structured prayer, or for use in group prayers or rituals. Inside you will find prayers to celebrate the many faces of the God. This collection includes prayers for the Wiccan holy days, prayers to the Moon god, and morning and afternoon prayers to the Sun god. Embrace the god and open your heart to the fire of the universe.

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