Embrace Life

Embrace LifeLotus

In the face of darkness and despair
In the presence of death and uncertainty
We embrace life

We embrace the smell of flesh & blood
The textures of bark, stone and skin
We place feathers in our hair
And string beads around our ankles
And we dance

We dance to the pulse of life
We look into the eyes of the eclipse
And we laugh

We laugh with tear stained faces
We laugh, we cry, we hold hands
And we fly

We fly into the time of madness
We become more real, more alive, and more human
We dip our hands into the river of blood
And we remember

We remember what it is to be alive
And we rejoice

We embrace each other and sing out loud
We climb into the dome of heaven
And we reach upward to the soil
And we embrace life
©2005 Katrina Messenger

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