Four Archetypes of Spiritual Vocation

I delivered this sermon as part of DC's LGBT Capital Pride Interfaith Service on June 6, 2006. This is a core teaching within my tradition and school. I was asked to share this teaching after I delivered an abbreviated version during DC Pagan Pride last year.

I offer the sermon here because of the many requests I recieved after the service. It is an honor and a blessings to be able to share my life's work with so many spiritual seekers on the path.

bless you all,

Vocation gifWhat is vocation? And why is it important?

Vocation at its core is a divine summons. The divine calls to each of us in our own unique way; it calls us to manifest the very purpose of our life. It is the proverbial wake up call to get on with it already. It is a call to participate fully in life. It is a call to purpose. Yes, purpose; we each have a reason we are here. And vocation is the call to get on with the purpose of very lives.

We each bring with us into this weary world, a unique jewel to be discovered, polished and shared. We each are like beautifully wrapped parcels that are just waiting to be opened. This gift, this jewel, is our vocation. You see we each have a special role to play in the tending and blossoming of human life.

But all too often, we are discouraged from pursuing our gifts. We are born into a world that seems to spend most of its time putting barriers in front of us, or blinders on us, that it is often a struggle just to survive. And even if we can get past all the obstacles placed in front of us like race, class, gender, religion, orientation, caste, physical ability, and national origin, we still need to face our own inner barriers. We still have to face our own beliefs about vocation.

Mistaken beliefs about vocation

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