If I Can Cook/You Know God Can (Bluestreak Series)

cover of If I Can Cook/You Know God Can (Bluestreak Series)ASIN or ISBN-10: 0807072419
binding: Paperback
list price: $15.00 USD
amazon price: $13.50 USD

Ntozake Shange offers this personal culinary memoir, with dashes of literature and pinches of music, in her rousing tribute to black cuisine as a food of life that reflects the spirit and history of a people. With recipes such as "Collard Greens to Bring You Money," Shange introduces us to 'Afro-Atlantic foodways:' a cuisine born on the slave ships of the Middle Passage, and shared by all members of the African Diaspora. If I Can Cook/You Know God Can is a vivid story of the migration of a people that opens our hearts and minds to what it means for "black folks in the Western Hemisphere to be full."

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