Morning Has Broken

As I sit here typing with one hand bandaged, I wonder what this new year will bring. Some things I know already and somethings I highly suspect will manifest, but the rest, the majority in fact, is a complete mystery.

I have plans of course, I would not be a card carrying Air person without my plans. But I know in my bones that life doesn't always abide by my carefully laid out plans.

Like for instance, yesterday I had planned to comb out my hair for my annual New Year's Dinner. And there I was dressed all in black with a white towel wrapped around my head for the entire affair. I could not unbraid my hair due to my bandaged hand. Oh Well!

And today I was supposed to wash all the accumulated pots, pans and dishes left from the dinner and once again ... oh okay, I guess I should explain why my hand is bandaged.

Every year since I bought this house, I have invited family and later friends to join me on New Years Day for a feast of collard greens, black-eyed peas, honey baked ham and cornbread. And over the years, the feast has grown with folks bringing their contribution to an orgy of food, laughter and meaningful conversation.

There are two traditions that are associated with this dinner, first there is no alcohol allowed and secondly, I use Prince music to motivate me as I cook before my guests arrive.

The second tradition is what caused me to cut my "bird" finger.

I was blasting what I like to call Prince radio, "All Prince, All the time". And as I danced around the kitchen singing along, my little kitten, Devi, began screaming from the doorway at the top of her lungs. I was pretty sure it was not an offer to sing-a-long. At first I would pick Devi up and sing to it, which often calmed her down. She was having problems with my music, and who doesn't on occasion.

But just after I washed my hands for the umpteenth time so I could continue cutting collards, my favorite song, "Joint to Joint" came on. Devi began crying and just as I turned to reassure her ... yep, I forgot I was in mid cut ....I sliced my finger. Youch!

I raced upstairs with blood oozing from my hand. When I emerged from the upstairs with my bandaged finger ... the first time ... I turned down the music. I looked down to see blood on the floor .. and back up I raced. The second time I had a much better bandage on my middle finger.

So although I could complete the meal prep, take a shower and get dressed, I was unable to do small detail work like ... unbraid my hair. And today, after a bandage change at 2 am, I have decided to not touch the dishes till later.

So my carefully laid plans were thwarted by a little kitten's dislike of Prince music blasting out of a boom box. If that is not an object lesson for life ... I don't know what is.

So anyway, my plans are to share some of my goals and provide a window into how I go about meeting them as the year progresses. We will see what actually happens, now that morning has finally broken.

Happy New Year!

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