Attending to One's Craft

I was recently reminded that writing is not a hobby for me. This reminder came during a talk by my teacher and mentor, Dr. Michael Conforti, in which he discussed how one must “attend” to ones craft, destiny or gift.”

Writing is one of my crafts. And my waiting for inspiration to write is not attending to my craft.

What does it mean then to attend to ones craft?

Well it surely means writing on a regular basis. It also means writing even when I think I have nothing to write about. It means reading other writers, especially when they write about writing. For several years, I have been reading blogs of writers such as Neil Gaimen, Wil Wheaton and Merlin Mann. They all at different times discuss their writing process.

Gaimen is the most prolific of the three and I noticed that he writes about his writing as causally as I discuss whipping out a web design. I do not wait for inspiration to code; I simply do what is needed. And that is how Gaimen appears to approach his writing. And once I start coding, inspiration and creativity always shows up and I get excited.

So I realized that I really needed to apply this lesson to my writing. Too often I wait for an idea to surface then I struggle to get it down just right. And what I am learning is that I need to bring my awareness and attention to the craft of writing as readily as I bring the craft of design to my technical work.

And so I sat down to write this blog. I had no idea starting out what the topic would be and yet … here it is.

To be continued …

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