Shout Outs to m'Peeps!

I was very ill last week. One of my medications ran out on me and I was waylaid by the sudden introduction of various allergens which ignited my entire immune system. Let's just say, the pea soup congealed - and I was miserable.

So I did exactly what I tell my students to do ... I called out for help. And the universe responded ... in the form of my precious students. So I am cross posting my thank you note from the school forum to publicly thank them for ... everything!

Oh my goodness!

I am so grateful!

Thanks to ...

  • Eridanus - for washing my dishes, getting me to prepare all my meals for the weekend and generally being there when I became overwhelmed.
  • Adam - for putting in the screens, helping me pack up some of the electronics for recycling, and for hanging out while we swapped stories about old Apple computers and played some old games!
  • Sheila - for being a "genius!" and taking all the sheets, towels and blankets to a laundromat to clear all the space at once and giving me a energy boost!
  • Jen & Damien - for a wonderful visit and for taking away the pile of equipment.

    You guys all rock!

    I feel so much better today. Mostly because while talking with Adam, I realized I was in the midst of a huge asthma attack so I (finally!) used my inhalers - D-oh!

    Mental note to self: When/if you run out of the meds that stop you from having an asthma attack ... consider using your inhalers when you begin coughing like all get out! Sheesh!

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