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Flowers blooming along today's walkFlowers blooming along today's walkNormally on this blog I am unpacking, as in unpacking my psychic luggage or unpacking the meaning within complex symbols or dreams, but today I am packing. I am packing because I am about to go north again. I have another session at Assisi, and once again I am first stopping by Casa Chaos North to visit my precious friends.

I am the crazy shaman woman once again – a name that Angela Raincatcher gave me after pulling her hair out while helping me pack for my second Descent workshop. Yeah … I do get a bit crazed. It is hard for me to leave my home and travel. No matter how much I miss my friends or crave the deep discussions at school, I have turned into a complete homebody. And even if the ride/flight was calm, efficient and pain free, I would still be worn out from all the people, their bewildering energies and their non-stop psychic chatter. Phew!

Oh well, I will have to gird my loins or what ever clichéd thing we say nowadays to get us through the tough bits … [roll eyes] okay, enough of that.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my last post. I am okay, just doing my work. As many folks realize, I share it here as a way of exposing the process of self-examination and reflection. Maybe you can see yourself or someone you know in my journey and just maybe, you will find hope and validation. At least, that is my goal.

That reminds me, I have new goals for 2010. I hope to write them up and share them with you real soon. Okay, right … back to packing. Aieeee!

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