The Wild Side

I am finally feeling normal after my almost two weeks away. I have so much to talk about, I just need time to get it all down. This post refused to wait its turn however. Hopefully, more later.

When I first began walking at Sligo Creek Park almost twenty years ago, it was a struggle just to walk a few yards without sitting down to rest. In recent years, my walks extended far into the more picturesque portions of the park. It was while walking on the paved paths that I became aware of an alternative route just over the creek along edge of the woods. Each visit, as I struggled to keep my balance on the artificially even asphalt, I looked across at the wooded side longingly. "One day, one day", became my anthem.

Today, I usually take that elusive path, dodging exposed tree roots, boulders, and low hanging vegetation with a sense of hard won accomplishment. It may have taken years, but I finally made it to the wild side.

But this past weekend, sitting in Angela Raincatcher’s wonderful Magick of Manifestation class, I came face to face with another wildness I have yet to fathom. After settling into our younger selves through deep trance work, we dove with delight into an incredible stack of magazines. We were supposed to be finding images to use with our magickal intention. But since my younger self was running the image search, all kinds of symbols and images wound up in my pile. So yeah a third represented my intent to find more time and space in my life for me, along with another third that illustrated my search for a motherhouse for my tradition. It was the final pile that completely surprised me.

In this third pile were images of colorful roller girls, dancing women, a strong woman surrounded by fire and finally an image of middle age woman walking alongside a cheetah in the African grasslands. It was this last image that seemed to express a familiar calling. It was less a call to walk ON THE wild side, then a call to walk WITH MY wild side.

Ah, yes! The yearning for the wild path was also a call from within. It is my wild self that yearns to be free, to create new paths through the wilderness yes, but also to dance with abandon in the city streets. The roller girl’s hair was a bright red and the dancing woman was dressed in a sexy black dress. I tried to remember the last time I even attempted to look sexy or even dance with abandon. I think it was at Sacred Space Conference. Wow, I really *am* overdue.

And so this week, my plans include creating a collage with my wild images. And sometime soon, expect to see a new hair color and something sexy and black, because I am headed to the wild side. And to get in, sometimes you have to dress the part!

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