Taking The Plunge

Well, I did it!

I just ordered 50 copies of Dark Beauty.

Am I out of my freaking mind?

My hands were shaking as I hit the submit button.

Of course lulu.com was very helpful ... ARE YOU SURE? YOU ARE ORDERING A QUANTITY GREATER THAN ONE! ... Jeez! Talk about giving me the willies!

I had already purchase and reviewed two proofs and I do not have time to get another proof before November 8th and the start of Between The Worlds. Sooooo I am taking the plunge!

Hopefully it will not be a bath.

Other than that excitement ... lessee .... Oh yeah!

Thanks to everyone who responded, called and sent prayers my way. I feel so much better. Still sad for my friends, but now that I have some distance, it is a sadness I am honored to bear.

I've been on the phone off and on all day -- (hint: something wonderful happened about 52 years ago!) And it is such a beautiful day.

Gangster GeekGangster GeekAnd what am I doing ... why I am having a veritable geekfest! Just in case you had not noticed ... I have another blog I update occasionally - Amber's Blog on my web design site. I decided I needed to feed my ever loving geek heart so I have dedicated this week to getting my geek on!

Yeah, BABY! I am doing it ONLINE!

love ya -- mean it,

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