Embracing the Dark

This is a sermon I delivered in December of 2000. As a priestess of the Dark Mother, Ereshkigal, this sermon was an integral part of my path to her embrace.

Embracing the Dark

Are you afraid of the dark? I was as a child. Out of the darkness came angry voices, my mother’s screams and my father’s yells. I cried out into the darkness, and out of the darkness came my parents to comfort me. In the house of my childhood, the bathroom light stayed on all night every night, because of me. I was afraid of the darkness, and that fear haunts me still. Now I fear the dark of the year more keenly than I ever feared the night. This time of year is literally dangerous for me. It was the dark of the year each time I came closest to taking my own life. It is the dark of year where I most keenly miss my mother. It is the dark of the year that I am most aware of the dark of my soul. Are you afraid of the dark?

Today’s topic is embracing the dark. The dark of the soul, the dark of the night, the dark of the year. Embracing the dark as keenly as we embrace the light. The dark is the beginning, the essence of birth, death and the dark beckons when the light becomes unbearable. We need to retreat into the darkness under the glare of unbearable light. The dark protects, obscures and makes the dissimilar similar. It absorbs features that separate, it releases fatigue and it frees the inhibitions. There are things you do in the dark of night that you would never do in the light of day. We light a candle not so much to drive away the darkness, but to give it clear boundaries.

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