Its a Boy!

Devi as BastDevi as Bast
Well, for a hot minute I thought I had my first transgendered cat, but alas no ... Devi is now officially a boy.

What with the vet and all the techs scratching their collective heads, no one was sure what Devi was gender-wise. I chuckled to myself thinking of all those gender bending aspects of the Hindi gods.

But finally the vet lifted s/he up and declared, "Uh, no ... that there is a penis!" It was very funny and troubling all at once. It seems most of Devi's equipment is still tucked up in his abdomen and .. on top of it all ... is very very small.

I will pause for the irony to affect those closest to me .... and send them to the bathroom ... better now? Okay, now back to our story.

Devi, however, was no shirker in giving the vet a run for his money .. ur, I mean MY money. Between the Calico Diety and the aforementioned drag queen, Devi Bast, not one but two techs had to be called in to give them their meds.

I feel a lot less incompetent now. If it was hard for them, I am none to shabby having to deal with them on my own.

I forget sometimes how this illness can make a person feel feeble.

So shots all around, a good ear cleaning for the s/he devil and off we go to get mama a donut.

I decided I deserved something for all the tussling I endure just getting them both into the car.

Then an uneventful drive home. This is good considering the black helicopters hovering overhead with sirens blaring all over Maryland's campus as I drove past on the way to the vet.

A quiet sip of tea, a favorite incense and some quiet music ... ahh!

blessings to you all,

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