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Taking the Facebook Plunge

I have avoided it long enough. So as of today, I am on Facebook.

I decided to just put up a Facebook page instead of opting for the personal profile. This was mostly because I hardly have time to keep up with Live Journal much less add another social media site to my growing list of commitments. I hope folks understand.

I asked for advice from several folks who have already taken the plunge and the results were mixed. Finally my dear niece warned me against having a personal profile and a page -- "Pick one", she said.

Now I have to figure out how to have my events, rants and other items appear auto-magically. We will see how this works out. One thing I have already noticed is that with a page I cannot look up anyone. So if you want me to find you, you will have to become a fan of moi.

Look out world, Katrina is now on Facebook. This has to a sign of something or other -- just not sure if it is really bad or just sorta ... y'know really inconsequential.

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