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Annual Planning 2009

I decided to wait a bit this year before attempting my annual planning. I needed time for the lessons of late fall and early winter to soak into my bones. That new blood coursing through my veins contains the accumulated wisdom from my winter ordeal, which will hopefully enrich and deepen my annual planning.

My mission is still very much alive for me. So my first realization was that several of my long term goals were actually subsets of a larger, more expansive goal. Spending time with loved ones, being financial independent, building my business and having a welcoming home are actually part and parcel of maintaining a sustainable, passionate and creative life.

I also needed to reword the remaining goals to capture the essence of how they felt in my physical and energetic self. As I word crafted them, I felt a strong urge to get up and dance which is always a good sign. (And you gotta know I succumbed to that urge in a really delicious way!)

So my current long term goals are

  • Deepen my spiritual path, tradition and teachings
  • Nurture the sustainable, passionate and creative fabric of my life
  • Share my ideas, visions, dreams, messages, …

At this moment, these work for me at so many levels. I may need to make them a little more specific later, but here is where I begin.

Like last year, I will try to share and explore my process out loud right here in my blog. I encourage you to join me in this process. What are your long term goals? And do they make you wanna get up and dance?

Because right now I need to get up and shimmy a little more before proceeding to the next phase -- crafting annual goals.

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