Dark Mysteries Abound

So as my coven sister, Rose, reminded me ... my coven, Dark Flame, buried three vials in the dark earth on the dark moon in the dark of night ... and what I find the next morning are three black kittens.

[ ... key in B movie science fiction music ...]

Today they had their first bath ... lets just say it was a thrilling morning and leave it at that.

The Calico Priestess actually barked at my shirt afterwards ... she ran from me till I change it. I want to make sure you get this ... my 14 year old calico barked! Ai yi yi!

So later when Rose stopped by with milk, eggs and .... oooo ... chocolate, She got to play with the kittens and help me feed them.

Rose is in love! She was completely bowled over by how small they are. And by the fact that they hiss till they are picked up and held close.

I am slowly getting them acclimated to human touch, so if you are local and want to help with giving them hugs and petting, let me know. We may have found a home for two of them. But they still need loads more work to help them finish weaning and get their strength up.

I have named them collectively the Daemon-Fafa!

Rose was initially appalled by the name till she saw them and laughed. They are totally black, even their eyes are a milky black. And when they are huddled together, the look like a feline version of a baby Cerberus. Adorable little Kittehs of Hell!

So, okay I have to stop before I start doing cat stories ad infinitum. But that does not mean I will not post more pictures ... just saying.

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