2009 Reflections Intensive: Answering The Call!

Somewhere in the darkness, someone or something is calling to you.

You have heard it in your dreams,
And within your quiet moments alone.
You have heard its whispers as you gazed into the crashing waves of the ocean,
Or wandered under the canopy of old growth trees.
You have seen it in the swirling waters of the babbling creek,
And in the mountain mists in the early morning light.
You have felt it with the crickets on the darkest nights,
And within the howling voices of storms and hurricanes.
Something deep inside the recesses of your own heart whispers your name.
Mysteries from within the deep and ancient places are calling to you.

Maybe it is time for you to answer that call.

February 13th -16th, 2009
(Presidents Day Weekend)

An extended weekend filled with myth, mystery and magick.
Includes 8 meals and three nights lodging along the picturesque Potomac River.

Early registration opens September 1st.

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