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It is so much easier to deal with problems, issues and conflicts when they are external. It is harder to be objective or have sufficient distance in order to truly assess, analyze or even get the big picture when the source is internal.

That is why so many of us externalize our inner conflicts. We want to work on it in the “real” world rather than enter the more difficult arena of self-awareness, self-reflection, self-evolution and growth. If we are lucky, we can enmesh all our loved ones in the drama of projected conflict and never have to actually look at ourselves deeply. We collude with each other in this fashion. I will participate in your drama, if you participate in mine. We call this madness “healthy interaction.”

But what would it be like if we each owned our internal conflicts. And instead of colluding, we resisted entanglement and encouraged others to own their inner conflicts?

Well one consequence might be our being able to work on real world problems devoid of all the continual crazy making and distractions that inhabits so much of the communal, national and global dialogue.

But it is also our human ability to project that creates much of the world’s great literature, poetry, art, film and architecture. Without our ability to project, we would have never developed mathematics, physics, technology or even, mythology.

Externalizing our inner conflicts is what mythology is all about, the communal externalization of a group soul’s inner landscape.

And so we come full circle. We externalize because in this way we can all collude in the creation of a living breathing global dream.

And so projection can be both natural and distracting.

Maybe if we all simply owned our projections. I will own my projection onto you, if you own your projection onto me. And I will lift my petty story of rivalry into a universal quest for meaning. And you can be a hero in my story, just like me. And together we will climb the sacred mountain and discover what beauty lives there.

And then maybe we will come upon a solution to the thorny issues of global warming, or peak oil or globalization or crime or disease or slavery or even … what’s for dinner.

Lets bring some consciousness and intent to our projections. And instead of calling them facts, call them experiences. Instead of carving them into stones, whisper them into the seeds of dandelions and let them blow away. All statements of fact are already silently prefaced by, “In my opinion” anyway. So lets just own it and say it out loud.

In my opinion, life is meant to be lived in the present moment, not just behind our eyes where the images are projected. I truly want to see you, and not just the accumulation of my inner litany of offences. Can you see me? Look closely. There is a myth being born every moment, every moment is another creation story in the making. But right now, right here, we are alive. Lets live our lives within this cauldron of transformation called now. Look at me, look at your self. And tell me, what do you see?
(c)2007 Katrina Messenger

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