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Around this time every year, during Reflections annual admissions’ period, I get questions from folks about what is it that we do in our mystery school. Most folks are concerned about requirements for things like homework, reading assignments and how often they have to come to DC. And every year I promise to fill in the gaps in our FAQ.

I decided this year to not wait for questions, and instead of adding even more items to my growing to do list, I will discuss the deeper issue underlying the work of Reflections.

At Reflections, our focus is soul work. We offer classes on magickal and spiritual topics yes, but our primary area of concentration is evolving the soul.

What is Soul Work?

Soul work has many components, many in line with most, if not all, spiritual traditions at their core.

  • It involves strengthening the core, or one’s sense of self. This portion involves building up inner and outer boundaries, the I and the not-I for instance. This is crucial if one wants to experience the oneness of all. One cannot merge with source until one has a self to dissolve.
  • It involves shadow work. We reclaim our hidden energy and talents, literally the gold held by the Minotaur, so that it is available in our life and in our work. As we take back our projections, cleanse our lens and unearth our repressions, our soul expands. This work is crucial for everyone, but most especially for those that follow a spiritual or leadership path.
  • It involves building a spiritual practice that continually polishes the jewel of our soul. I am often quoted as saying, “It is not how long you can be centered, grounded, compassionate and present, but in how you return to grace.” And the key is having a regular practice of returning to grace.
  • It involves self-awareness as to our strengths, weaknesses, talents, abilities and limits. In this way we can give from our surplus instead of our scarcity. Too often we are not responding to our internal sense of “Yes!” but to an external expression of “No.” So we contour our spherical selves to slip into ill-fitted square holes and then wonder why something doesn’t feel quite right about our lives. At Reflections we start with who and what we are in our core and expand to fill it out by beginning our search for meaning within.
  • It involves discovering our growing edge. What is the growing edge? Our growing edge is the place where it seems like the entire multi-verse is conspiring to draw our attention. The issue will come up at work, at the doctor’s office, and in your intimate relationships, hell even complete strangers will bring it your attention. Everyone and everything seems to be shouting, “Look at this!” It is our belief that if we attend to the edge that is being called to our attention we will have the most traction with our efforts and potentially experience the greatest growth.
  • It involves listening to the ancient voice within. We listen primarily through our dreams. Dream work requires us to learn the language of mystery itself. We attune to this language through the study of myth, folk tales and symbolism. We excavate our dreams for images, symbols and messages. We enact ritual to engage these mysteries and strengthen our vocabulary, grammar and syntax in this ancient tongue.
  • It involves listening to each other. We recognize the divine in everyone and allow ourselves the luxury of deciphering its message within voices of the people that surround our lives, especially those who have made a spiritual commitment to evolve their souls.
  • It involves reaching outside the known. We listen as well to the wisdom keepers of the world. We study, discuss and engage with ancient lessons shared by those we encounter in our daily lives and those we seek out for wisdom and mentoring.
  • It involves all of this and so much more.

And then we rinse and repeat.

So many people I have met wonder what is it that attracts them to Reflections. They are all knowledgeable people with extraordinary gifts. They ask themselves, “What can I possibly encounter that is new in this school?” Which is a good question. If all you do is look at the classes we offer publicly, with rare exceptions, many advanced spiritual practitioners will find that they already have sufficient knowledge and ability in most of these areas.

It is in the portions that are not open to the public, however, that our true worth shines. We are first and foremost a community of fellow seekers on the path. We are a haven for folks who in their respective communities are often sought out for answers. The question is this. Where do you go with *your* questions? At Reflections, you will find peers, mentors and elders.

And finally, when all is said and done, the real reason it works is because we have committed elders and brilliant teachers. Angela Raincatcher, the presiding Celebrant of Becoming, is our School Administrator. Ivo Dominguez, Jr., Elder of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, and I are the faculty. Every year we invite brilliant teachers such as T. Thorn Coyle, Helena Domenic, Michael Smith and Lisa Aerianna Tayerle. Next year we have Anne Hill of Dream Talk Radio and Tigre Cruz of Kiva already lined up to offer classes in 2010.

Obviously, I am not an objective observer. I hope our students, visiting teachers and staff will add their voices to this discussion by commenting.

I am proud of the work we do in Reflections. And every year, we work hard at improving the school, the classes, and our student’s experience. If this sounds like something that may meet your needs, apply. I look forward to hearing from you.

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