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I am currently sitting in the chilly living room of some of my dearest friends. Chelidon, Claudia, Kelly, Paul, Forest and baby Dylan along with their coterie of cats and one large (!) puppy named Griffen. Griffen, standing on all fours, reaches almost to my waist. He is a sweet dog … even when he is pooping all over my shoe. Chelidon has given me permission to take a whiz on his paws. “Stop moving, Griffen, it’l come out eventually!”

So anyway … I am having such fun visiting here in New Hampshire. And getting to see baby Dylan is a big treat. He laughs in his sleep! No, really! Yay, cuteness overload!!!!

And I got to witness the removal of Forest’s braces. Yay, Forest! This year I taught him how to levitate things through only the power of his mind. Heh, heh, be very afraid!

I was spirited away on Sunday to the largest arcade I have ever seen. And so I spent hours playing Centipede (high scorer!), Multipede, Skee ball (God’s favorite sport!) and tons of pinball! I am a happy, happy girl! Besides the really, really bad pizza at the arcade, I have been eating such delicious food! Yay, food! Lots of exclamation points in this post … for a good reason!

Later this week, I will mosey on over to Brattleboro to start my first session at Assisi. But for right now, I get hang out with some strange, but cute characters from my past. I am a happy, happy girl! Yay, Bricks! [… er um, ignore that reference to bricks …ahem …]

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