Got The Northeast Shivers

I am in New Hampshire again, hanging out with Cheldion, Claudia, Kelly, Paul, Forest and the ever-delightful Dylan. I am cold as usual, but hey, its mud season in the Northeast, so I guess had better just get use to it.

It is difficult for a tropical person such as myself to explain my fascination with coming north. Well it is partially because I am here for class, but that does not explain why I come up five days early just hang out. I confess it is because these poor folks all suffer from a serious malady. Each and every one of them is afflicted with … terminal cuteness – even Paul, I swear! They are just so cute. And besides, they served the bestest food evar!

And so I of course forgot my super warm robe … and my anti-nausea wristbands. This last omission caused me to share a highly personal libation with the state of New Hampshire and one of its highways.

So of course Chelidon introduced me to a game called Portal … that sent me to bed so as to not similarly christen his game system! He made it up to me with his super special RED drink! It was super delicious and filled with various spirits … literally! I was very, very happy. All’s forgiven!

So now, I am supposed to be working on my Assisi homework. But instead I am surfing the web and pondering Facebook reports. And oh yeah, shivering!

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Submitted by katrina on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 2:40pm.

Packing ...

Flowers blooming along today's walkFlowers blooming along today's walkNormally on this blog I am unpacking, as in unpacking my psychic luggage or unpacking the meaning within complex symbols or dreams, but today I am packing. I am packing because I am about to go north again. I have another session at Assisi, and once again I am first stopping by Casa Chaos North to visit my precious friends.

I am the crazy shaman woman once again – a name that Angela Raincatcher gave me after pulling her hair out while helping me pack for my second Descent workshop. Yeah … I do get a bit crazed. It is hard for me to leave my home and travel. No matter how much I miss my friends or crave the deep discussions at school, I have turned into a complete homebody. And even if the ride/flight was calm, efficient and pain free, I would still be worn out from all the people, their bewildering energies and their non-stop psychic chatter. Phew!

Oh well, I will have to gird my loins or what ever clichéd thing we say nowadays to get us through the tough bits … [roll eyes] okay, enough of that.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my last post. I am okay, just doing my work. As many folks realize, I share it here as a way of exposing the process of self-examination and reflection. Maybe you can see yourself or someone you know in my journey and just maybe, you will find hope and validation. At least, that is my goal.

That reminds me, I have new goals for 2010. I hope to write them up and share them with you real soon. Okay, right … back to packing. Aieeee!

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February 2010 Update

I am so late in getting back to this blog. This year began with a bang and has not slowed down even with four snowfalls and loads of time spent hibernating. When I wasn’t twirling around like crazy, I was resting and recuperating – which is a good thing, right? Yet, it has meant that I have not written seriously in a really long time, at least not publicly. I am writing like crazy for school. And hopefully I will find a way to share some of that content here.

I took a short detour to get the first two of three Facebook pages up and running. There is still a lot of work needed to get the Reflections page to auto-magickly update – but it is good for now. I still need to put up a brand spanking new Connect DC web site and Facebook page – hopefully in time to announce our upcoming Ostara ritual (March 21st). Aiieee!

And the fun doesn’t stop there. I am teaching a bunch of classes starting in March. The first will be a weekend of Elemental Psychology. I owe this blog a write up on this topic especially since I have already taught two short versions and two overview classes on the topic of my book already. Then there is my Healer Weekend coming up in April. In between, Anne Hill flies in to teach a class on dreams. Reflections has a solid selection of teachers and classes this year – I am very proud. In fact one of the things I am editing is this year’s welcome message that I delivered to the school during orientation.

I am really satisfied with a new technique I am using to manage my Getting Things Done action list. It works with both sides of your brain at once, and makes working feel good way down deep in your soul. It also means that when you stop using the system, your younger self complains big time -- more on that topic later as well. I also want to share the progress I have made toward my long-term goals. And lastly, I want to share that Reflections is reading Romancing the Shadow as our 2010 book study. I am getting my entire school ready for my June Shadow class.

Well, I think that pretty much brings folks up to date. Okay, Katrina, back to work!

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January 2010 Update

First off, thanks to all who sent condolences. I want to especially thank those who shared their own funny stories about the Calico Goddess. They made me laugh. I had threatened to post one of the “articles” and if I get some time mid month, I may just do it.

I have been incredibly busy these last few months, preparing for Reflections 6th year, building my tradition, settling into the role of student again and preparing my infamous New Year’s Day Dinner. I am terribly behind on email and have just caught up again with bills and laundry. But all in all, my life feels rich and filled with work that makes my heart sing.

I had some exciting insights from my various experiments with goal setting, finding balance and getting healthier last year. I hope to share these ideas and even a new experiment in productivity that I am trying out this week! And I am already hard at work on my 2010 goals. I had better get cracking on my write-ups hunh?

And I love how Angela Raincatcher has already beat me to the punch with the posting of her annual goals. But it is still early, so I am also looking around to see who else is willing to take the plunge.

So Happy New Year to Everyone!

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