Got The Northeast Shivers

I am in New Hampshire again, hanging out with Cheldion, Claudia, Kelly, Paul, Forest and the ever-delightful Dylan. I am cold as usual, but hey, its mud season in the Northeast, so I guess had better just get use to it.

It is difficult for a tropical person such as myself to explain my fascination with coming north. Well it is partially because I am here for class, but that does not explain why I come up five days early just hang out. I confess it is because these poor folks all suffer from a serious malady. Each and every one of them is afflicted with … terminal cuteness – even Paul, I swear! They are just so cute. And besides, they served the bestest food evar!

And so I of course forgot my super warm robe … and my anti-nausea wristbands. This last omission caused me to share a highly personal libation with the state of New Hampshire and one of its highways.

So of course Chelidon introduced me to a game called Portal … that sent me to bed so as to not similarly christen his game system! He made it up to me with his super special RED drink! It was super delicious and filled with various spirits … literally! I was very, very happy. All’s forgiven!

So now, I am supposed to be working on my Assisi homework. But instead I am surfing the web and pondering Facebook reports. And oh yeah, shivering!

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