January 2010 Update

First off, thanks to all who sent condolences. I want to especially thank those who shared their own funny stories about the Calico Goddess. They made me laugh. I had threatened to post one of the “articles” and if I get some time mid month, I may just do it.

I have been incredibly busy these last few months, preparing for Reflections 6th year, building my tradition, settling into the role of student again and preparing my infamous New Year’s Day Dinner. I am terribly behind on email and have just caught up again with bills and laundry. But all in all, my life feels rich and filled with work that makes my heart sing.

I had some exciting insights from my various experiments with goal setting, finding balance and getting healthier last year. I hope to share these ideas and even a new experiment in productivity that I am trying out this week! And I am already hard at work on my 2010 goals. I had better get cracking on my write-ups hunh?

And I love how Angela Raincatcher has already beat me to the punch with the posting of her annual goals. But it is still early, so I am also looking around to see who else is willing to take the plunge.

So Happy New Year to Everyone!

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